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Find the latest reads by our very own HWA Seattle Chapter members. 

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Better Living Through Alchemy by Evan J. Peterson

Release Date: August 2024

A detective with a psychic sense of smell investigates a magical drug that causes strange overdoses in an occult noir Seattle.

"This is a noir detective story like none you've ever read, a wicked confection of body horror and arcane knowledge. Peterson's characters are unforgettable, and I'm waiting eagerly for a sequel."

- Susan Palwick, author of Flying In Place

Find the author:


Insta: @evan.j.peterson



What Grows in the Dark by Jaq Evans

Date published: March 5, 2024

"At once suspenseful and tender…a queer horror masterpiece."
—Marisa Crane, author of I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself

In this chilling contemporary horror novel, a phony spiritualist returns to her hometown to assist in an investigation that eerily mirrors her sister’s death, forcing her to confront the secrets she’s been running from.

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Shadowrun: The Mosaic Run Auditions
by Jennifer Brozek

Date published: 15 Feb. 2024

Fixer BlotterBabe must have exactly the right actors for a production that requires very specialized talent. The actors must not only be skilled, they need to have the right attitude and an ability to adapt to extraordinary circumstances.
A Kiss to Die For: Kintsugi and Sartorial choose love over duty, but their respective families will do everything in their considerable power to stop them from being together.
See How She Runs: Terrapin witnesses a murder and is handed a package destined for some important and lethal people. Now she is running for her life.
Unrepairable: Landon and Liana love vexing megacorps for fun and profit with their Matrix show. Unfortunately, the megacorps always play dirty, and will do whatever’s required to shut them down for good.
The Kilimanjaro Run: Charlotte, Neema, and Elijah embark on an unexpected adventure that turns into a nightmare when they discover nothing is what it seems. They are left with no choice at all when choosing between the abhorrent and the right thing to do.
Having auditioned thousands, BlotterBabe is out of time. It’s come down to these few teenagers. Either they will save the day or lose it all…

Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness.jpg

Dark Tide 11: Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness

Anthology Featuring John Linwood Grant, Angela Yuriko Smith and Naching T. Kassa
Date published - November 3, 2023

This trilogy, comprising of: “A Promise of Blades” by John Linwood Grant “The Adventure of the Tarot Card Prophecies” by Angela Yuriko Smith and “The Riddle of the Red Tower” by Naching T. Kassa …invites readers into the enigmatic world of prophecy, art, and the supernatural, with each tale bound by the common thread of Dadd’s mystical tarot cards. Join Holmes and Watson as they traverse through the realms of the arcane, encounter enigmatic entities, and battle the forces of darkness, in their quest to unravel the secrets of the Arcana and to shed light on the shadows of madness.

For more from Naching - go here.

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"Whatever Takes Us" - a short story by Aigner Loren Wilson

Release date: November 2023

November 2023 Issue of Nightmare Magazine

'Whatever Takes Us' is a dark fantasy horror short story about a young girl and her friend being bullied at a school dance and finding salvation in an unlikely savior. 

Cover - Monster Anwalt.JPG

Monster Anwalt (Monster Lawyer - Book II in the series) - Royce Buckingham

Released: October 18, 2023

Urban Fantasy Novel

Danny Becker was bullied as a kid and terrified of his own shadow—any shadow, really—until he learned to use his words, grew up, and became a lawyer. Thirty years later, Danny wakes up to find the closet monster who tormented him all through his youth sitting on his bed. Turns out his childhood nemesis … needs a lawyer. More fun than a canine paralegal, the Monster Lawyer series combines an atmospheric secret world in drizzly Seattle with a strong set-up and an unlikely hero who hangs out his shingle to champion Seattle‘s most underrepresented population.


"The Legacy of Rose Valley: A Creature Feature Horror Suspense (Lorestalker Book 6)" from J.P. Barnett

Released September 12th, 2023

As the multiple-award-winning, critically acclaimed, popular “Lorestalker” series comes to an end...

The problem with hunting monsters is that, sometimes, they hunt you.

Miriam and Macy have started to make a name for themselves as cryptozoologists, but they’ve left behind a few loose ends. The two of them move on from college and settle in Rose Valley, where the past comes back with a vengeance.

Once again thrown into turmoil, the town must face an amalgamation of evil that no one could have predicted.

Girl, Incorrupted.jpg

Girl, Incorrupted: a love-horror story by Megan Bledsoe

Release Date: September 12, 2023

While trying to become the kind of girl her boyfriend says he'd marry, college senior Daphne James entangles herself with the local vaudeville star, an incorrupt corpse who thinks that Daphne can help reanimate her body. With magical lore, all the feels, and ominous characters who haunt the page, this love-horror hybrid will hold you captive until the very last word...

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